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Shawn was great! He helped us in a very long search for a home and never gave up. He was there to help and answer questions every step of the way! He was always available to us.

My wife and I interviewed three realtors, including Shawn Esgate. For the interview, Shawn brought over an impressive listing of comparable homes in the area – not just by home size but by yard size, too, because we had a big yard – and his evaluation of our situation really impressed us. We also  liked the fact that he does precision-targeted advertising on Facebook. (I’m an advertising copywriter, and when I saw Shawn’s Facebook ad I was really impressed!) We had millions of questions, and Shawn was always accessible and available by phone or by texting. He listed our home right away and worked with us to go through the offers and make the tough decisions. He’s also very understanding and flexible – we had a koi pond that had to be watched over (we had to move out of state because the new job started quickly) and Shawn worked out a schedule with our lawn guy to make sure the fish were fed. That was a huge load off our minds. We were amazed at how quickly our house was under contract. Selling – and buying – a home can be amazingly stressful. We were fortunate to have a total pro on our side. Thanks, Shawn!Less 

Shawn was our agent when we bought our home; our experience was stress free as he guided us throughout the entire process; we decided to contact him 4 years later when we decided we wanted to sell our home. He again exceeded in every way; his knowledge of the local trends in the housing market  allowed us to make informed decisions throughout the selling process. Within 2 days of putting our home on the market we had an offer; with his negotiation skills we were able to move forward with the sale and closed on escrow within 3 weeks! If you are looking for an honest and trustworthy agent, we highly recommend Shawn!

Aaron Forgey 06/01/2016 Helped me buy a home

Shawn was eager to seek our business and was quick to answer questions from the get-go. I first contacted him through another property I found on my own and we connected. He didn’t let me slip away like most other agents would have done, and even though the first property didn’t work out, he followed up with me to see if he could help. That was huge. He was always responsive to my requests and continually looked for homes to fit our needs. Sometimes the consumer has to get out of their own way- I thought I only wanted a certain area of town but Shawn suggested another area not faraway and we loved it. Loved it so much that we put in an offer and it was accepted. I can’t say enough good things about Shawn. He guided us smoothly through the process, provided good feedback and helped us each and every step of the way. I would highly recommend him.


Phil Du reviewed Shawn Esgate 10/07/2014 Helped me buy a home

Shawn has been patient and very helping in getting a Vegas property for us. We live in San Diego and so, the process has required greater efforts from Shawn in viewing the listing properties for us. It has been a great pleasure working with him. We will need his service again in the future.


Cathy Ponsford reviewed Shawn Esgate 07/11/2014 Helped me sell a home

He was very efficient and was able to get the house sold within a couple weeks. I would definitely recommend him.


Michael Harasik reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/06/2014 Helped me buy a home

Very good, we will use him again and can recommend him to anyone.


Richard Beem reviewed Shawn Esgate 10/25/2013 Helped me buy a home

First time homebuyer. Shawn came recommended to me from two close friends of mine. He definitely went above and beyond what I would have expected. If I ever buy another home in Vegas I will definitely use Shawn.


Norma & Rob Mcmillan reviewed Shawn Esgate 07/20/2013 Helped me buy a home

After living in Europe for 30 years we found ourselves being transferred to Las Vegas. After much research on Estate agents, we found Shawn. His unwavering patience, prompt responses, expertise is top notch. His professionalism and calm demeanor made us feel safe with such a major transition. Thank you for helping us find our lovely home! Highly recommended!!


Michael Hardinger reviewed Shawn Esgate 06/04/2013 Helped me buy a home

Shwan kept on top of things when the deal stalled for 5 weeks and we had to be in Europe. Thanks!!


Jackie Arellano reviewed Shawn Esgate 05/15/2013 Helped me buy a home

We were very fortunate to have Shawn as our realtor! After almost 10 years as being renters, Shawn helped us find our dreamhome! Shawn really listens to what his clients want and need! We highly recommend Shawn!


Donna Moore reviewed Shawn Esgate 05/13/2013 We worked together

It isn’t often that you get lucky enough to have a realtor like Shawn. He was always prompt, proactive, and a true pleasure to work with. He answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns….even after the sale was completed. A class act all the way.


Jim Lankford reviewed Shawn Esgate 04/08/2013 Helped me buy a home

Shawn has been extremely helpful in assisting us in our efforts to relocate. We have not been able to complete the move, but that is not because of trying. Shawn’s patience has been greatly appreciated and if the opportunity comes for us to relocate, Shawn is the first person we will contact.


Jake Klein reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/28/2013 Helped me buy a home

As a first time buyer, we weren’t sure what the process would be like. Shawn always answered all of our questions, and was patient with us through the entire process. He helped us find a fantastic home even with our unique situation (my job). He always went out of his way for us. My wife and I couldn’t be happier, and we are grateful to have found Shawn. If we’re ever in the market again, we know who we’ll be working with. Thanks Shawn!


Qian Wang reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/27/2013 Helped me buy a home

Shawn has been a very diligent responsive and efficient agent in helping me get my home a couple of years ago. Highly recommended!


Cat Lopez reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/27/2013 Helped me buy a home

We have been looking for a house for over 6 months before meeting Shawn. We were only shown 2 actual houses and were told just to sit tight numerous times. Felt like we kept getting brushed off. *Within a month of working with Shawn, being physically shown over 6 houses, putting in offers on the ones we really liked just to see if it would be accepted, would get a response immediately when we had a question or anything… BAM! We got a house! He found us a home. A home that had what we were looking for. He worked with us all the way through. Very professional, patient, effecient, knowledgable and friendly. And the people he knows or works with (lender, inspector, landscaping), all very professional and effecient as well. He made us feel we were important as cash buyers in this crazy market. We know who to recommend to family and friends.

Thank you Shawn!


Bethany Klein reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/27/2013 Helped me buy a home

Shawn is a great agent and a good man. He was patient and understanding through this first-time home buying process, and if I decided that I wanted to sell my new house and buy another, Shawn would be the only person that I’d allow to handle the transaction. I highly recommend Shawn Esgate!


Naaglit George reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/26/2013 Helped me buy a home

Shawn is very knowledgeable about the HUD home buying process. He helped us closed on a HUD property with good rental income.

Thanks Shawn.


Angela Daffron reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/26/2013 Helped me buy a home

Shawn was patient and knowledgeable about all the neighborhoods and buying process! I would definitely use him again if I had not already found my perfect house.


Bryan Scott reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/26/2013 Helped me buy a home

I have known Shawn for more than 12 years and have purchased three homes with his help as the Realtor between 2009 and 2012. All of the homes were intended for rental purposes. The first was a REO in Southern Highlands, the second was a traditional sale in the Northwest and the third was a short sale that I successfully purchased in Green Valley South. Throughout all of these transactions, Shawn was available, knowledgeable, efficient and professional. As a Lawyer who is familiar with contracts and negotiations, I found that Shawn made the process much easier and his negotiating skills were top knotch. I would recommend him highly to anyone I know who is looking to purchase.


John Lujan reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/14/2013 Helped me sell a home

Shawn helped me tremendously when I found myself in need of selling my condo via “short sale”. He was (is) extremely professional and very dependable at all times. Thank you, Shawn


Jim Johnson reviewed Shawn Esgate 02/01/2013 We worked together

I have had an opportunity to work with Shawn the last year and have found him to be honest, proactive, and thorough in all of his dealings. Shawn’s extensive knowledge in Real Estate within the Las Vegas valley makes for acquiring a property a very beneficial endeavor for his clients. I highly recommend Shawn in any Real Estate transaction.


Ning Hu reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/21/2013 Helped me buy a home

Shawn helped us to find a nice house in Vegas last spring. He is a very responsible agent to communicate with seller agent and has good negotiation skill as well as had excellent suggestions for buyer who like us from other state. We are very happy with our new home in Vegas now.


Juanita Garcia reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/19/2013 Helped me buy a home

I had the pleasure of buying a home last year 2012 with Shawn Esgate as my realtor. He worked around my schedule, was honest, knowledgeable and very helpful. I would recommend him to friends and family.


Cory Eckert & Anna Grimley reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/18/2013 Helped me buy a home

I purchased my first home about a year and a half ago using Shawn as my realtor. He was extremely knowledgeable, honest and helpful. I would not hesitate to hire him again.


Cody & Heather Herbold reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/17/2013 Helped me buy a home

Shawn helped my wife and I purchase our new home in the summer of 2012. Shawn worked with our busy work schedule and young toddlers to get us the right house. Also talked us thru the processes of buying a house in todays market. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for any housing needs.


Renee Burrows reviewed Shawn Esgate 09/12/2012 We worked together

Shawn is one of my super star agents who goes out of his way to assist his clients! I am so appreciative to have Shawn on my team!


Peggy Graef reviewed Shawn Esgate 09/05/2012 Helped me buy a home

I had the pleasure of buying a home this yr with Shawn Esgate as my realtor

He took the time to make me knowledgeable in every step of the way I always

Felt confident he was in my corner and so willing to teach me about buying and selling

I would definitely call on Shawn in the future and recommend him to friends and family.

He was on top of it all and would call you back when he said he would.

Thanks again Shawn


Ty Pen reviewed Shawn Esgate 09/05/2012 Helped me buy a home

We, the Pens family, would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for helping us got the house that we truly wanted. Without your proactive, your persistence and quick responses, we won’t have the house we are in right now. From start to finish, you were always there to assist us and answer our concerns with honesty. You were very responsive in person, phone or emails.

All and all, we are very strongly would recommend our friends and anybody that is looking for a house to get with you. Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, “Thank you Shawn”.


Mike H. reviewed Shawn Esgate 09/05/2012 Helped me buy a home

Shawn was referred to me from a friend of mine who bought several homes with Shawn as his realtor. I recently purchased a home using Shawn as my realtor and he was extremely knowledgeable, honest and helpful. I ever move again I would not hesitate to hire him.


Michael Hetey reviewed Shawn Esgate 04/02/2012 Helped me buy a home

Shawn was consistently quick to respond to calls and answered all my questions. His insight into valuation was very helpful during our price negotiation process. Further, he was helpful both during the search for properties and after our purchase by providing good references to assist us with post move in property work.


Isabel Aguire reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/07/2012 Helped me buy a home

Very professional, friendly and reliable.


Jackie L. reviewed Shawn Esgate 03/05/2012 Helped me buy a home

i recently purchased a home for a rental purpose first time to buy on my own and shawn was the greates and had so much patience with a senior who was at a loss regarding real estate i felt so secure with his teaching me along the way so that i knew what was going on all the time and i will definately use him in the future!!!!!


Julie Messer reviewed Shawn Esgate 02/05/2012 Helped me buy a home

Shawn has been so patient with us and the process of purchasing a home. I would recommend him to anyone.


Sepideh Nayeri reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/31/2012 Helped me buy a home

Shwan helps me to buy my town house in vegas,and I am very pleased with it.thanks Shawn.


Jon & Christine Sly reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/31/2012 Helped me rent a home

Shawn is one of the best agents we have ever dealt with. He never made us feel like we didn’t matter even though he only has helped us with rentals which isn’t a huge commission for him. He is always willing to help, when we are ready to buy a house we are definitely calling Shawn.


John Roanoke reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/31/2012 We worked together

Shawn is a hard working professional that I have been working with for the years. We have many clients that have successfully closed their purchases here in Las Vegas.


Chris & Michelle Hollon reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/31/2012 Helped me buy a home

We live in CT and were looking for an investment property in Las Vegas. Shawn was very helpful and listened to our needs and advised us with proper direction of which areas were best suited for us. He met with us when we came to Las Vegas and we looked at several condos before choosing the “right one” for us. He made sure we got the best unit for the BEST price!!!

I highly recommend Shawn Esgate as a Real Estate Agent. he’s very professional and will work hard for you!!


Larry Newman reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/30/2012 Helped me sell a home

Shawn is the best realtor in Las Vegas.

I made heavy use of a punching bag and baseball bat for the short-sale of my house. It was only Shawn’s endless patience, persistence, and forbearance that kept me from the criminal charges I would have faced had I acted on any the many fantasies I had of retaliation and retribution against my own lender.

Shawn helped close friends of mine buy their home. They are quite happy with the home Shawn found for them.

I have used Shawn to sell my house, and to purchase other properties. I highly recommend Shawn as a listing agent, or as a buyer’s agent.


John Eakins reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/30/2012 Helped me buy a home

Shawn worked very hard to help us find just the right property for us, he always returned calls and showed us what we wanted to see. We would ( and have ) recommended him to family and friends, he will get you what YOU want in a home and that is the highest praise I can give.


Hiroo Shiba reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/30/2012 Helped me buy a home

Shawn IS the best RE agent in the Las Vegas valley period. End of subject–need I say more? Here is why he is the best: Shawn has impeccable integrity, worked very diligently representing us and has excellent knowledge of the local market. He worked extremely long hours and found some great properties that ended up being added to our inventory. In my opinion, he is in the the top 1% of professionals you’ll want to know in any service-oriented industry. We’re glad we found him in the RE industry. Thank you Shawn!


Michael Leibowiz reviewed Shawn Esgate 01/30/2012 Helped me buy a home

Best real estate agent I ever had. Was honest, knowledgeable and not pushy at all. Looked out for my best interest and got me a great property.


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